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Study Abroad Case Study

A group of students and chaperones from the University of Alabama were performing service and volunteer work in Belize. While on a private bus in San Ignacio on May 13, 2012 their bus skidded on the dirt road, hit a wall and overturned injuring six students. The university's program coordinator, Walter K., phoned our emergency travel line for help, and the medical assistance coordinator immediately opened cases for each of the six injured students. After reviewing the situation, it was determined that a representative from AIG's Travel Guard, our wholly-owned assistance operation, should be dispatched to Belize to manage communication and services. The next day Travel Guard's Director of Account Management arrived in Belize and proactively took the following actions:

"AIG's Travel Guard was absolutely wonderful throughout this ordeal. The arranging of the ambulance was also smooth and efficient. After arriving in Belize at the neurosurgeon's clinic, I was very appreciative of your arrival shortly thereafter. At moments like that it is great to have someone there to provide direct communication with the company and have the skills and knowledge of how to arrange care and transport quickly and to minimize hassle for us. I will make sure that if I am part of organizing any Alabama trips in the future that your firm will be our insurer."

Steven B.
Assistant Professor, Ph.D. University of Alabama

  • Explained our assistance services to the insureds
  • Worked hand-in-hand with the U.S. assistance center to relay information from treating physicians, insured students, and university program coordinators
  • Organized and paid for ground transportation from the clinic to the hotel, from the hotel to the airport, and meals
  • Arranged for hassle-free check-ins at the airport

The injured students underwent extensive testing in the form of CT scans, MRI scans, and X-Rays. Fortunately, no one was admitted to the hospital, but they could not continue with the volunteer service program. Our assistance professionals facilitated conference calls with treating physicians, medical case managers, and doctors on duty to coordinate ground ambulance transfers to the nearest diagnostic center for one student who had suffered back pain.

Within a period of a few days we arranged hotel stays near the airport for all six insureds to return to their respective hometowns; and simultaneously, kept in frequent contact with the medical staff and university program coordinators.

The integrated efforts of our assistance center and its on-site representative left a positive impression with the University of Alabama program coordinator and resulted in ensuring appropriate medical care, frequent status updates, and the students' safe return home.

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